Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Summertime Bargains of Fluffy Fun - save up to 40%!

We've decided to share lots of summer loving by offering some really great deals on some of our special stuff we sell. If you've lusted from a distance but couldn't quite justify the spend - now's your chance!

Firstly - adorn your wrists with our gorgeous lacy Italian bracelets made by Cruciani. Perfect for summer, they can be swum in, sunbathed in and then mixed to match your wardrobe for the evening...

Mix and match! They come in hearts (LOVE) , hearts and clovers (LOVE & LUCK) , butterflies (FREEDOM) and a few more designs too - and in all the colours of the rainbow. They are now 20% off right here : http://www.gilliangladrag.co.uk/c/7751/SALE

Next in line...


Our beautiful Hey Sign 100% thick wool felt iPhone and iPad covers are all 40% off! Sumptuous hardwearing thick felt will keep your phone safe and sound. Great colours too!

Keep your phone (or iPad) secure, protected (and warm!) with one of these colourful covers with strong elastic to keep things in place. I have a snap on protective cover on my phone all the time, and then keep my phone in one of these when I'm out and about! Right here : http://www.gilliangladrag.co.uk/c/7751/SALE

If cruciani bracelets aren't your "thing" we have some really cool 'tape measure' bangles too. Measure the circumference of your wrist with ease... ;-)


These super cute bangles come in narrow, medium and wide in different colours, and are all 30% off here http://www.gilliangladrag.co.uk/c/7751/SALE/2

We also have these ultra sweet storage tins from Tilda in our sale at 40% off...

Great for all your sewing bits and pieces; in a work room or just to tidy everything away...

These would even look lovely in the kitchen methinks... :-)
Find them right here in the SALE section of our website: http://www.gilliangladrag.co.uk/c/7751/SALE

Happy Shopping!x