Thursday, 27 April 2017

'Easy Stuff to Make with Fluff' : How to have a book launch party!

Not everyone lives in (Corking) Dorking, I know that! So just in case you weren't at the book launch party for 'Easy Stuff to Make with Fluff' - here's how we did it. 
Well - throwing a party has a few key elements. And we started off with one of the most important. Some very fluffy cocktails. Ours were called 'Fluffy Fever' and were made with the amazing gin from our local Dorking micro distillery The Gin Kitchen called 'Gutsy Monkey', - which is an artisan craft gin and is absolutely delicious! (And the bottle is rather pretty too...)

Here's the fluffy recipe :

'Fluffy Fever'
20ml Agave syrup
100ml lychee juice
15ml fresh lemon juice
20ml triple sec
2 stems fresh coriander
Fresh edible flower to garnish

Shake HARD with ice. Double strain and serve in suitably flamboyant cups with a silly straw and edible flower. (And optional Persian spun sugar fairy fluff and a stem of coriander!)

Then we got lots of food and laid it out over a massive piece of kitchen worktop hoisted up on some plastic cups underneath. On the studio table. With casual abandon :-) And crisps in heaps.  Like this :

There was even a white chocolate lamb in the corner. 
Then we needed balloons.But not any old balloons!I did quite over excited about these : Neon confetti balloons filled with helium and rainbow balloons with silver tassels! With equally fun pineapple party plates and watermelon napkins... You can't have a party without them ;-) Honest!


(We still have some rainbow balloons, neon confetti balloons, watermelon napkins and pineapple plates for sale in the shop and online - right here!) 

Then we needed guests. Luckily there lots of those and they were all amazing and gorgeous :-)

Easy Stuff To Make With Fluff Book Launch Party 
Easy Stuff To Make With Fluff Book Launch Party
Lots and lots of very lovely people. 
Who all very much seemed to enjoy the Fluffy Fever Cocktails!


There was even a special balloon outside The Fluff-a-torium. (Which later ended up in the pub opposite :-))


And finally - a fluffy book launch wouldn't be the same without glitter jelly and ice cream - right? So we had to have that too of course. Courtesy of Angus in Oz :

This picture below? Oh yes - that's the author swigging the sprinkles. (Maybe one too many 'Fluffy Fever's?)

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