Thursday, 26 February 2015

A Spring Wreath for Mother's Day or Easter

So  I thought I'd show you all how I made this simple Spring wreath - it might look complicated - but it's really easy once you know how! :-)
First of all - get hold of some sort of wreath - I bought this one for £6 at the local florists, but you could bend an old wire coat hanger, or use anything suitable that you can get hold of. It could be heart shaped like mine, or round - doesn't matter.

Next you're going to need about 1 metre of giant yellow pompom trim

and some other different ribbons and trimmings. Let me emphasize that you can use ANYTHING you have laying around! But... I used a metre each of: giant pink ric rac, yellow and orange flower jacquard ribbon, mint green mini pompom trim, pink & red vintage polka dot ribbon...

and a metre each of the lime and baby blue gathered elastic frilly trim above, (which I ADORE! :-) and some of our new super gorgeous braid trimming in lilac and orange too. 

I also added in some of the new Sajou Rochefort craft thread in yellow and black too. (LOVE this stuff!)

First things first...

start by wrapping the giant yellow pompom trim around the wreath base. If necessary - secure with some thread.

Next start adding some of the ribbons. I won't go into too much detail - you can be random! (But the frilly elasticated stuff looks good wrapped around and around as above - like a ra-ra skirt!!

Keep adding and wrapping ribbon here and there until the wreath starts to get quite covered up. Each time you add a piece, secure at the back with a knot.

I added in some hand spun wool yarns too, wrapping them round and round the wreath. If you don't have any, you could just use tightly wound wool tops. Or any yarn would do, - something like Noro, or a variegated yarn would work well here!

Now your wreath should really be starting to take shape - with most of the wreath covered. Add a few ribbon bows too.

And lastly make some little felt flowers to adorn the wreath. These can easily be made from ready made felt, or handmade felt if you know how!(See my book : Felting Fabulous Flowers)

Make a few simple spring-like daisies, by cutting a circle from some felt, cutting 8 evenly spaced slits around it with some small sharp scissors, and 'rounding' each off into a petal. Add flower centres using a felting needle and some yellow wooltops, or use some small buttons. Attach using our great glue called Gem-Tac - or a needle and thread.

If you're feeling adventurous, why not add a felt rose to your wreath too? You can make a Gilliangladrag Felt Rose Corsage Kit, or the process is outlined in my book if you want to use your own colours.

Finally,  add a suitable hanger and you're done! I even added a turquoise glitter ribbon bow on the hanging rope too. xxxx

Happy Mothers Day and Happy Easter, and most importantly (as it's my favourite time of year) Happy Spring! :-)