Thursday, 19 June 2014

What's going on up The Fluff this summer?

A good question. Here's the answer:

 Kids Workshops

Quite apart from all the stuff for adults - which I'll tell you about in a minute, there's some special stuff for kids going on :

 Made a felt #selfie

How about taking (Well...making) an actual #selfie made from felt? Book a place for an adult, or child over 11, or come with your child over 7! Click the pic for more details...

Or how about getting totally pompom-ed out? Spend the whole morning adorning yourself in handmade woolly pompoms. They might make good earrings? (ok - maybe not) and then leave with an impressively large tissue paper pompom as well. What's not to love? Click the pic for more info...

 Kids workshops for the summer holidays

or how about making your very own sock monkey? - we even supply the sock! 
Click the pic for more info and to book...

Moving on to more adult matters (ahem) see if any of these lovelies wet your appetite?

Learn Counted Embroidery Cross Stitch with none other than Sophie Simpson herself - (author of Storyland Cross Stitch and owner of "What Delilah Did") on Sat 28th June (2 spaces left as I type!)

Or how about this:

Learn to Knit socks with Clarey on Tuesday 1st July. (And then turn them into sock monkeys? - ok no maybe not ;-))

Learn to make your own pair of unique Felt slippers (taught by me) is on Thursday 3rd July - still a few spaces left as I type...

Now on to more pointed matters...

How about Learn to needle felt (birds and fishes) on Sat 12th July?

or Improver's knitting is on Tuesday 15th July - learn to increase, decrease, follow a pattern, (eat cake, drink tea...) and make a bag or tea cosy to take home with you whilst learning!

Felt Jewellery & Roses in on 19th July:

and if you've always wanted to Learn to knit and have never been able to - we have a course just for you! Our half day workshop will cover casting on and starting to knit a lovely scarf using gorgeous Colinette yarn! It's on Tuesday 22nd July. Check it out:

Kids over 11 and accompanied kids over 7 are also welcome on this Learn to Knit course too! x

So - See you at The Fluff then? And don't forget there's 10% off in the shop on the day of your course too!
You can book online here (you'll be sent confirmation) or you can call us on 01306 898144. It's that easy!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Made in Felt Magazine

Recently I was MOST honoured to be asked to contribute to the incredibly lovely "Made in Felt" 2nd edition magazine...

 Made In Felt Magazine

Seeing as my new book "Felting Fabulous Flowers" is about to be published (stock on it's way as I type :-)) I was asked to make some little felt flowers as a project for the latest edition of "Made in Felt" magazine. I decided on some pretty "Busy Lizzies" in different pretty colours, and set about making them and taking photos...

Learn how to felt

and here are the finished blooms:

Felt Flowers

Step by step instructions are included in the magazine if you'd like to make them!

There are loads of other artists and great projects featured...

Everything is covered, from making your own felt, needle felting and making simpler projects with ready made felt as well. There are even some knitted felting projects. Plus, - those lovelies featured our needle felting kit too! (Thank you!)

If you can't wait to get your hands on a copy and would like a free sampler, do a big CLICK HERE! The new issue is on sale now in the UK and will hit US shelves by mid-July!

If you'd like to make more felt flowers, or are interested in purchasing my new book, 
Felting Fabulous Flowers by Gillian Harris

then take a look at one of my Felting courses right HERE or you order a signed copy of "Felting Fabulous Flowers" HERE! xx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

"Sweeping the Embroidered Path" : Using up your bits and bobs, and doing a spot of embroidery!

So who hasn't got a pile of old bits of fabric, threads, trimmings, & buttons?? All acquired because they are truly lovely & gorgeous! But they do need to get used - so it's time to sweep up and get all your bits out & get INSPIRED!

So I dug out some old bits of felt I'd made (this background was actually an off-cut from a lampshade last year)...

and I find quite a few bits of ready made felt too, and some buttons, trimmings and threads...

You could use anything you find - it could be fabric, or even an old sweater! I decided the edge of the off-cut (it had been a flower and leaf) looked like a little hill with a tree. So I cut out a little house from some needle felted felt I'd made ages ago, and a roof from some orange felt offcuts...

Next I sewed the little house in place using blanket stitch and then added a "ric-rac" pathway , just using a simple 'cross stitch' making little 'x's with a simple red sewing cotton...

Using some bits of embroidery cotton (I used Sajou Retors du Nord) I used a naive running stitch to sew on the orange roof - to mimic roof tiles, and some simple crosses for the windows :-) Nice and easy!

Next I decided to add some pretty silk ribbon roses. If you've never done these before they are actually really easy. Here's how:

1) Start by sewing a 5 pointed star using simple sewing cotton.
2) Pick a lovely 4mm silk ribbon - some are variegated which is handy. Use a chenille needle (or similar).
3) Come up through the centre, then weave under and over the 5 pointed star as you go around. It's that simple!
4)Keep weaving under and over, under and over. As you have an odd number of "spokes" the ribbon forms a lovely rose as you go.
5) Continue to the very outside then secure at the back.
6) If you've some contrasting green ribbon - add some little leaves and maybe a stem. And that's it!

Next I added a pink felt front door, a bead door knocker, and some more little decorative stitches - including these simple french knots.

To make the sun, I used the same method as the ribbon rose - but this time I used some old yarn I had (Noro) instead of the silk ribbon. Then I added some simple little "rays" radiating outwards...

And then I had to add this lady with her broom. She came from a Hornby train set collection of figures that I bought from the model shop a while ago for another photo shoot-(as you do.) She seemed just the right size standing on the pathway!(+ I like her apron) ;-)

I finished things off with a piece of red mini pompom trim (which happened to be JUST the right length!) and I added some more silk ribbon stitches to my "tree" and a few more flowers around the house. I also finished off the windows with a dark outline, and added a cute little heart button for the chimney! Happy Days....

If you feel INSPIRED and would like to Learn Embroidery - we have a fab selection at The Gilliangladrag Fluff-a-torium. Click HERE to take a look! x