Sunday, 1 June 2014

"Sweeping the Embroidered Path" : Using up your bits and bobs, and doing a spot of embroidery!

So who hasn't got a pile of old bits of fabric, threads, trimmings, & buttons?? All acquired because they are truly lovely & gorgeous! But they do need to get used - so it's time to sweep up and get all your bits out & get INSPIRED!

So I dug out some old bits of felt I'd made (this background was actually an off-cut from a lampshade last year)...

and I find quite a few bits of ready made felt too, and some buttons, trimmings and threads...

You could use anything you find - it could be fabric, or even an old sweater! I decided the edge of the off-cut (it had been a flower and leaf) looked like a little hill with a tree. So I cut out a little house from some needle felted felt I'd made ages ago, and a roof from some orange felt offcuts...

Next I sewed the little house in place using blanket stitch and then added a "ric-rac" pathway , just using a simple 'cross stitch' making little 'x's with a simple red sewing cotton...

Using some bits of embroidery cotton (I used Sajou Retors du Nord) I used a naive running stitch to sew on the orange roof - to mimic roof tiles, and some simple crosses for the windows :-) Nice and easy!

Next I decided to add some pretty silk ribbon roses. If you've never done these before they are actually really easy. Here's how:

1) Start by sewing a 5 pointed star using simple sewing cotton.
2) Pick a lovely 4mm silk ribbon - some are variegated which is handy. Use a chenille needle (or similar).
3) Come up through the centre, then weave under and over the 5 pointed star as you go around. It's that simple!
4)Keep weaving under and over, under and over. As you have an odd number of "spokes" the ribbon forms a lovely rose as you go.
5) Continue to the very outside then secure at the back.
6) If you've some contrasting green ribbon - add some little leaves and maybe a stem. And that's it!

Next I added a pink felt front door, a bead door knocker, and some more little decorative stitches - including these simple french knots.

To make the sun, I used the same method as the ribbon rose - but this time I used some old yarn I had (Noro) instead of the silk ribbon. Then I added some simple little "rays" radiating outwards...

And then I had to add this lady with her broom. She came from a Hornby train set collection of figures that I bought from the model shop a while ago for another photo shoot-(as you do.) She seemed just the right size standing on the pathway!(+ I like her apron) ;-)

I finished things off with a piece of red mini pompom trim (which happened to be JUST the right length!) and I added some more silk ribbon stitches to my "tree" and a few more flowers around the house. I also finished off the windows with a dark outline, and added a cute little heart button for the chimney! Happy Days....

If you feel INSPIRED and would like to Learn Embroidery - we have a fab selection at The Gilliangladrag Fluff-a-torium. Click HERE to take a look! x