Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Heart Shaped Pompom tutorial - for Valentines Day, with LOVE!

Say it with a pompom this Valentines Day - easy and quick to make, a heart shaped pompom lasts longer than a card, and is more slimming than chocolate :-)
What will you need?

Well you will undoubtedly need a heart shaped pompom maker, available from our Gilliangladrag website here...

... and some sharp scissors and some yarn - any yarn will do really. But a cheap acrylic yarn in a bright red or pink is ideal. I used Stylecraft Special DK here Matador, Fiesta and Claret. (Make sure it's quite strong and sturdy yarn, as you'll be tying it around the middle later!)

With the pompom maker assembled, open one arm and start to wind the wool tightly from the top to the bottom on the first side. Secure the end and cut.

Now do the same around the other side. Secure and cut. 

Cut a length of yarn and double wrap around the middle of the pompom maker, finishing at the top. Tie ONCE only, as you'll come back to this later so don't make a knot!!!

Tie the loose end each side around the little hooks to hold it in place temporarily. Like I said - you'll come back to this!

Now for the fun bit!

snip away in the hollows on BOTH sides!

snip snip snip...

what a lovely sight! :-)

Now trim the inner circle closer on both sides.

And finally unhook your ends from earlier...

... and start to pull REALLY REALLY TIGHTLY!...

... until the little pompom heart starts coming together, and the pompom maker loosens a bit...

 ...keep pulling and tightening, (as this bits really important!) Tie the top again, so you have a secure knot!

Pull the pompom maker away, and your heart shaped pompom is BORN!

And then the best bit of all (in my opinion):

Trim away with some very sharp scissors, making your pompom a perfect heart shape.

And that's all there is to it! With LOVE on Valentines Day everyone :-) xxxx