Thursday, 17 March 2016

Easily Make this Lampshade with just one skein of our Hand Dyed Yarn...

Turn on the inspiration and make this easy hand-dyed lampshade + pompoms with just one skein of our new Hedgehog Fibres hand dyed Merino Singles!

 Hand Dyed Hedghog Fibres Merino Singles

I used one beautiful skein of our new Hedgehog Fibres Merino Singles (100g) in colourway : Genie (the one in the middle)

 Hedghog Fibres Merino Singles Genie

Start by balling the skein of yarn up tightly - oval or squished is fine, as it's easier to pass through the lampshade frame if it's not completely ball shaped!

You can use any lampshade frame - either upcycle one you own already or you can buy a new 20cm one from us here...

Tie off the yarn to the top of the frame (leaving 3" tail). Start to wind it tightly around and around from top to bottom. You can leave as many 'gaps' and holes as you like as this will allow the light to shine through! Keep going all the way around the whole frame. 

(I just held it with one finger whilst I poked the ball through and around each time.) 

When you get to the end tie off the yarn to the 3" tail from the beginning.

 You should be left with roughly half the 100g ball of yarn to make pompoms with, (but of course these are optional!) - you may have even more yarn left if you left more gaps :-)

I used the smallest pompom maker from our set of four (available here) and trimmed them a little once made.
 Leave a tail on  each pompom and tie them onto one piece of yarn on the inside of the frame. (Top tip : Before you do this, decide whether the lampshade will be a pendant or a table lamp, as this will affect which end to attach them to!)

And that's pretty much all there is to it. This is a colourful hand dyed yarn project you can complete in just a few hours! Easy Peasy!