Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to Make and Sew (Waterproof!) Oilcloth & Felt Bunting

Make some new bunting like our Gilliangladrag Fluff-a-torium Bunting!
Make yourself some new (waterproof!) bunting to brighten up your garden or home. It's quick, good value, and easy peasy!

What you'll need:

Before you start work out the length you'd like your bunting to be and roughly how many pennants you'll need! Make a paper template pattern first if you like or go freehand - it's just a triangle where the top edge is slightly shorter than the other two edges :-) There are no rules about the size - cut them as big or as small as you fancy! Mine were about 20cm long.

Cut two triangles for each pennant so they will be double sided and you'll see colour from both sides when they flap in the wind!

2) Either stick the 2 sides of each pennant together with strong fabric glue, or sew them together freehand or with a machine if you have one!

Add some Felt pennants into the mix too if you fancy. These obviously won't be quite as waterproof, but a light shower won't hurt them too much!

Trim each pennant from both sides to make sure you don't have any white bits sticking out from behind!

Lay out all your triangles on the floor or table and pin some substantial ribbon on top to hold them together, leaving about 20-30cm of ribbon free at each end for hanging later. Sew along the top and the bottom of the ribbon to hold the pennants in place securely, either using a sewing machine, or needle and thread. You could stick them too if you have some really strong glue.

Add some optional finishing touches and embellishments - they make all the difference! Insert a length of frilly trim / pompom trim just underneath the ribbon, and sew into place.

Crochet some pretty flowers to sew onto some of the plain felt flags if you fancy? Attic 24 has a great crochet pattern for daffodils here! We used our cotton Aran yarn for £1.95 a ball!

You could also add in some cute Felt Flowers - like the ones in "Felting Fabulous Flowers" by Gillian here.
This is a Felt Rose, - also available as a kit here.

9)Hang your finished bunting inside or out, adding some support in the middle if it's quite long. :-) Et voila! xxxx