Thursday, 26 March 2015

10 Minute Easy Easter Crafting : Make Bartholomew Bunny & Cheryl Chickadee!

Spend just 10 minutes each making this cute Easter Bunny and Chick! They really are EASY PEASY to make and the all the family can get involved in a spot of quick and fun Easter crafting!

What do you need?
Well basically just some felt (like our mini felt bundle here) and some really good glue (like our Gem-Tac glue here) and some wool tops (here's our selection of wool tops packs!) and a Pompom maker like this. Then some scissors, some googley eyes (here's a link to the googley eyes we sell) and maybe a few offcuts of fabric for the bunny's bandana! :-)

First make a medium size and small size white wooltops pompom. If you don't know how to make a wooltops pompom, check out my blog tutorial on how to do that here first! It's fast and easy. Stick the small pompom on top of the large on using the glue. Leave to dry for a few mins....

Next cut a pink heart / feet from some pink felt and glue in place...

Then cut two ears from pink felt. Cover the ends in glue and pinch together. Leave to dry.

I used a bull dog clip to hold them whilst they dried a bit!

Stick the ears in place using more glue. A couple of pins are useful to stop them from falling off before they've dried!

Now stick two "googley eyes" in place and cut and stick a little pink nose. Oh SO CUTE now he's got a face!! :-)

To make Cheryl Chickadee just make one small yellow wool tops pompom. Cut 2 orange feet (3 toes on each please ;-) and a diamond shape folded in half to make the beak. Glue all in place et voila!

That's all there is to it folks :-)

Oh - and before I get asked, - Cheryl Chickadee is wearing a handmade felt 'Cherry Blossom Fascinator' - which is one of the many felt flower projects in my book "Felting Fabulous Flowers" and Bartholomew Bunny has a small bandana made from a scrap of fabric and pinned (or glued) at the back. You've got to ACCESSORISE! ;-)

Happy Easter Crafting!  xxx