Wednesday, 7 May 2014

BAGS of Crafty Storage from Gilliangladrag

Is your wool stash escaping from it's container? Are your sewing things longing for a new home? We may just well have the pretty summery solution! :-)

I've fallen in love with this pretty felt covered little house shaped sewing basket. Somewhere to keep all your sewing bits and pieces! Inside is a plastic tray to keep the small sewing bits organised, and under that there's plenty of space for everything else. (30cm long x 22cm wide x 18cm high) and £30 here from

Next I'm thinking maybe there are some of us that have to keep things in lovely looking bags - why not use this special Pip Studio bag for wool, and then also use it as an overnight holdall when you need to too?! Truly scrumptious and so unique... (£89) check it out here.

And if your knitting and crochet needs a proper knitting bag - then how about this cute practical retro option - complete with useful pockets inside. It can also be zipped closed to prevent needles or wool going astray! (43cm long x 34cm high x 10cm wide) £25.50  from here.