Thursday, 27 November 2014

Free Pompom Christmas Wreath Tutorial for FLUFFY Friday!

Hello all! Let me show you how to make this really simple hanging Christmas Wreath for black FLUFFY Friday! It's brimming over with pompoms and general woolly goodness and is really simple to make :-)

First you're going to need a circular wreath of some sort. I nipped down to the florists and bought this one for £3 (approx 30cm in diameter) - but you could improvise and even make one out of wire if need be...or recycle an old one?

Next, you can really speed things up by using a couple of metres of our giant pompom trimming here (£3.50 a metre)Each pompom measures a whopping 4cm! I used a metre of red giant pompom trim and a metre of cerise giant pompom trim and then wound them around the wreath, securing and tying them in place with some yarn here and there.

Then you're going to have some fun making some pompoms! You can use any method you like - but it's super duper easy with our pompom maker set (4 sizes for £6.50) here and our new heart shaped pompom maker too!

You can use any yarn in any colour - I used a mixture of reds and pinks. A good yarn to use is something like our Stylecraft Special DK yarn - which is cheap and cheerful at £1.95!

You'll probably need to make between 10-12 different sized pompoms in different colours and shades if you can. But anything goes!

Pompom making is simple with these fabulous contraptions! They are so clever and make it really easy!

Tie or thread each pompom into place on the wreath, - using matching yarn or string.

Next I added a handmade felt rose - you can make one too from our "Plum Pudding Rose Corsage" kit - or you can just cut out your own felt flowers from some of our ready made felt perhaps instead?

I also cut some simple holly leaves from green felt I'd made  - again you could use the ready made felt. Sew the rose and leaves around the wreath to hold in place.

Make sure everything is tied together securely by adding yarn around the wreath here and there. I also added a few felt balls too, to fill in the gaps. I sewed them around the wreath to keep them in place. (Some of the felt balls were needle felted too! I know I know... :-)

You can make your own felt balls REALLY EASILY from wool tops (like our Christmas Cracker wooltops inspiration pack) or you can buy the ready made ones instead!

If you fancy needle felting onto the felt balls, you can do that with our needle felting kit too!

And then you're done! Just add another loop of yarn or matching pompom trim at the top to hang, and admire your work :-)
Easy Peasy! x Happy Christmas Pompom Wreath making everyone! x