Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Learn to Sew & Make Your Mother Proud!

Did you watch The Sewing Bee on TV and WISH that you could sew and make your own things?

Maybe you did sewing at school and had a ghastly teacher that put you off? Or maybe you have you recently acquired a sewing machine - but just don't know where to begin?

Well our new one day beginners introduction to sewing on a machine course will hopefully do the trick!

Its a great fun packed day with a patient tutor Fiona Hesford (aka Sewgirl), who also makes and supplies us with these beautiful sewing kits (now for sale on our website and at The Fluff-a-torium.) Fiona will guide you through all the basics!

Sewing Kits
One of Fiona's Sewing Kits now for sale at Gilliangladrag (£12.00)
From winding the bobbin and threading the machine, to learning about seams and hems, gathering, attaching a waistband, applique and decorative stitches, zips and buttonholes, this "Learn to Sew & Make Your Mother Proud" course is a bit of everything! 

 Sewing Courses at Gilliangladrag

You will gain confidence in sewing on a machine and armed with lots of new machine sewing skills, will go home with a lovely lined mini tote bag to show off to your friends and family.

All materials are included as well as handouts and free beginner patterns to get you started. 
Fiona always aims to inspire you with creative ideas - as well as instruct useful techniques for making bags, cushions, clothes and homewares! Sounds good to me! :-)

For more details, dates, costs or to book please visit the website here.